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Kentucky Kingdom Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Louisville, Kentucky, October 1, 2018:  To launch the celebration of its 30th anniversary, Kentucky Kingdom hosted a reunion last night for the members of “Save My Park,” a group of longtime supporters of Kentucky Kingdom who led the effort to convince state and local officials not to bulldoze the theme park when the former operator closed and abandoned the park.


Save My Park 2018

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John Mulcahy, a leader in the “Save My Park” movement, remarked, “After the park was abruptly abandoned in early 2010, everyone thought that was the end of Kentucky Kingdom.   But we rallied 6,000 supporters on Facebook, got the attention of Ed Hart, and now here we are – celebrating 30 years of fun!”


Dan English, a key organizer of the “Save My Park” group, commented, “I can hardly believe it’s been five years since the new Kentucky Kingdom reopened – and 30 years since Ed Hart’s team first resuscitated the original park.”


A documentary tracing Kentucky Kingdom’s history (and appropriately called “Save My Park!”), premiered at the reunion.  The film was directed and produced by Taylor Bybee of Coaster Studios and can be viewed online via the link provided at the end of this press release. 


To celebrate the park’s 30th anniversary, Adam Birkner, Kentucky Kingdom’s Senior Marketing Manager, announced that a new roller coaster, the Kentucky Flyer, will be ready to ride on the park’s opening day in 2019. 


Kentucky Flyer Logo


Mr. Birkner remarked, “What better way to celebrate Kentucky Kingdom’s 30th anniversary than to add our sixth roller coaster!  The Kentucky Flyer is designed by the Gravity Group, an internationally acclaimed American wooden roller coaster supplier.  They’ve built coasters all over the world and generally to rave reviews.  The Kentucky Flyer will navigate through 56-degree hairpin turns at rapid speeds, treating riders to plenty of airtime.  It’s also a big plus that the unique design of the Gravity Group’s “Timberliner” coaster train comfortably accommodates a wide range of passenger sizes (beginning at 40 inches) and weights.”  (For more information about the Timberliner coaster train, see the link at the end of this press release.)


Korey Kiepert, Principal with the Gravity Group, added, “Many coasters have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches, which is the average height of an 8-year old, but the minimum height for riders of the Kentucky Flyer will be only 40 inches (when accompanied by an adult).  We’re excited about providing Kentucky Kingdom a ride that will allow younger children, many for the first time, to join their moms, dads, brothers, and sisters in experiencing the exhilaration of a high-speed roller coaster.  I’ll never forget when I first fell in love with roller coasters and I can’t wait for my children to have that same unforgettable experience.  Our goal was to build a coaster that the whole family can enjoy, but without sacrificing the thrills that coaster enthusiasts have come to expect from the Gravity Group.  The Kentucky Flyer certainly accomplishes that goal.”


To add to the celebration of Kentucky Kingdom’s 30th anniversary, operating hours at the Hurricane Bay water park will be extended to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays during the month of July.  In addition, the price for “early bird” season pass purchases will be lowered by $10.00.   Julie Johnson, the park’s Director of Sales, noted, “A Kentucky Kingdom season pass makes a great holiday gift and our lower price of only $59.95 for an early bird season pass is our way of thanking the local community for its support of the park.  At $59.95, a 2019 season pass costs only $5.00 more than the regular price of a one-day general admission ticket, and with the many benefits a pass offers (unlimited visits during the season, $1.00 soft drinks all season long, and 20% discounts on food and retail purchases in the park), it’s not only a great holiday gift, but a terrific value.”


The “Save My Park” documentary will be available online beginning October 12, 2019 at:


For more information about the Timberliner coaster train, visit the Kentucky Flyer press kit here: